The similarities of World War 1 and Operational Iraq Freedom are discussed by Marc Kusnetz in his book “Operational Iraq Freedom: The Inside Story”. The author states clearly that, hundreds of years after being labeled as the cradle of civilization, Iraq became a part of the Ottoman Empire and Iraq remained so until the collapse of that empire during the First World War . After the First World War, France and Britain carved up the empire and Iraq, with Britain taking control over the regions of Baghdad, Mosul, and Basra. Similar series of events that led Iraq to fall under the control of Ottoman would later suffice. Decades that followed brought monarchy, authoritarian government, and military coup. This would later pave way for Saddam Hussein who took power in 1979. Similar to Ottoman collapse, the Saddam Hussein was ousted by the United States in an operation labeled as Operation Iraqi Freedom (Kusnetz, 2003).
Prior to the World War 1, the United States fiercely discussed every facet of administration policy on how to best they can sustain traditional commercial rights to providing the most effective means of maintaining the country`s security. The author reveals how the operational strategy used in Iraq was similar to the one used by Napoleon against France in the World War 1. The aim was to control the point of attack to continually surprise the enemies and confront him with accelerating events that he finds shocking and incredible (Kusnetz, 2003).The use of chemical weapons against the enemies was rampant in the First World War. Similarly, Iraq used chemical weapons against the Iranian forces, which were in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (Kusnetz, 2003)
In the author`s words, the reasons that led United States to participate in the World War 1 are very similar to the ones that led to their participation in the Operation Iraqi Freedom. He gives intriguing examples and evidence that leaves the reader with no doubt that these events are so much alike, and they have shaped the military ability of the United States.
Kusnetz, M (2003). Operation Iraqi Freedom: The Inside Story. Kansas: Andrew McMeel Publishing.