Why I want to work at Palm Beach Medical Center Instructor`s

Reasons I want to work at Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center
Nursing career is a lucrative field full of challenges that require humane diligence, passion, dedication and right focused individuals dedicated to deliver the call in assisting the vulnerable and the needy patients through sustaining their livelihood. However, the essay is focused on the reasons as to it is prudent to work at Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center.
There are myriad challenges within the career however, since I developed passion in the career at the age of five, I have gained vast expertise and courage to endeavor in the rewarding field. Critically, the vast expertise in the career would enhance quality work that requires critical thinking, organizational skills, dedication and dedication to delivering the best services on the encountered scenarios (Woodman, 2011, p. 5). Through passion and admiration, I would be resourceful to the Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center which is a target oriented health institution, dedicated to enhance both patient care and employee career development that suits my case scenario (Woodman, 2011, p. 6).
However, being the first healthcare institution to perform open heart surgery, it is adept that the Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center would venture into more challenging health practices, which are essential in career development. Such cases are motivational factors that lead to both invention and innovation in the challenging field. Hence, there are vast opportunities and benefits of being part of a dedicated team at the healthcare (Woodman, 2011, p. 12).
Nonetheless, working at Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center enhances both career and academic performance. The institution promotes worker- employee rapport through provision of tuition reimbursement, load repayment, employee purchase plan, 401K and other benefit that would enhance my participation in the PBGMC, recognized by the Healthcare as one of the best health institutions in America (Woodman, 2011, p. 19).
Why I would like to Participate in the Versant Program at PBGMC
The Versant programs at Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center would enhance effective career transition after working for 18 years as a flight attendant. The lucrative programs would restore confidence so that I would effectively and efficiently deliver the quality nursing care at the health centre and other areas of assignment in the future (Woodman, 2011, p. 19).
However, through the program, I will be able to build a good rapport with both my peers and seniors leading to exchange of skills and knowledge. This would assist in the reminiscence of the skills attained during the nursing school and internship respectively. Though hard work, loyalty and dedication as a new graduate student, I am willing to actively participate in successful completion of the versant program within the health institution (Woodman, 2011, p. 24).
Where I would be in 5 years time
Nursing is a challenging career that requires vast expertise and qualification in order to achieve the best in the profession. However, on joining the PBGMC, I anticipate professional academic progress in the nursing field. By the end of five years I plan to graduate with both registered Nursing (RN) certification and Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN) from the FAU (Florida Atlantic University). This would lead to lucrative career and work placement in the medical field (Woodman, 2011, p. 31).
The professional responsibilities would increase in a wider scope, this is essential I delivering quality work and strong leadership within the healthcare. I would also be able to mentor new graduate nurses so that they would respond to the career in a positive way since it is a practice/ call other than a mere professional work. However, having attained across training within the healthcare, there would be myriad work options in my favor within the using sector (Woodman, 2011, p. 29).
I see myself being cross trained in various departments giving me flexibility to float between different nursing departments. Another factor that would affirm the ability to perform both career and academic obligations simultaneously would be cited from the scenario experienced during the graduate nursing course. I managed to attain exemplary performance as a student while working due to proper time scheduling and management (Woodman, 2011, p. 30).
The expertise gained while working as a flight attendance for 18 years would enhance work management and prioritization, created an aptitude on handling health and safety issues. Client and customer orientation, and support, gained during the 18 years work enhanced exposure and ability to handle the customers with the utmost care required within the PBGMC centre (Woodman, 2011, p. 31). The vast hand on expertise and exemplary academic performance affirms that I would channel my efforts towards delivering quality healthcare services that conform to the institutional obligations, hence keeping PBGMC as one of the top 100 health institutions within the USA (Woodman, 2011, p. 30).
Career in healthcare require a dedicated, personate ad devoted individual. Since the desire to work in healthcare sector started at the age of five, working at the Palm Beach Medical Center would enhance and develop further the profession leading to quality service delivery. The vast training and work programs and remunerations would be motivational factors in enhancing academic and professional excellence in saving lives hence it is adept to work at Palm Beach Medical Center.
Woodman, J. (2011). Patients Beyond Borders Focus On: Cleveland Clinic . Florida- USA: Patients Beyond Borders.