Twilight is mostly acclaimed and liked by the children and the teen

Twilight is mostly acclaimed and liked by the children and the teen. It is a story of two different worlds the world of the humans and the world of the vampires. The conceived love of Isabelle and Edward is structured as a `forbidden love` among human and vampire – a new twist but carefully lined up thrill, adventure and romance. I would personally state it is the edge of any imagination and nothing beyond that a book that compels you to finish in one sitting. If one assumes the romance is just among two so what`s the twist…the twist is created with characters in thrilling plots.
I consider it important to mention just two of the plots that fascinated me one each representing the `thrilling` and `terrifying` aspects that I discussed earlier. The thrilling aspect from other side is Jacob Black`s love for Bella that can be termed as the `happiest choice for Bella` I don`t find any other word to describe it as Jacob is just next to Edward who makes Bella genuinely happy. The genuine love of Jacob for Bell can is better read in the words of Meyer rather than explanations. However just, as a matter of curiosity to keep you informed I would say that Jacob feels happier in concealing his love and giving all the freedom to Bella to make her choice at every stage of her life…even the choice to love Edward such a plot expressing the purity of love and romance can be better read than explicated.
The second plot that I prefer to mention is the `terrifying` aspect. If Edward gets attracted to Bella`s blood expressing his love there are other vampires who had an all different purpose for getting Bella`s blood. It`s not just Edward, but his family also gets involved in saving Bella from other vampires. All this is just one-fifth of the book next to follow is the romance of Bella and Edward…their marriage and the most surprising and thrilling part of the story is how Bella reacts in bearing the child of Edward…a real thrilling part of the illusionary Mayer`s expression.
Just think of the circumstances where a human bears the child of a vampire, giving a deaf ear to the consequence that it would kill her.
Just for Love.
Twilight is authored by Stephenie Meyer. In one of the interview she admitted that the story is the resultant of a dream she had a dream where a vampire is hungry of the blood of a young women. Meyer to put down the experience of her dream on a paper initially created the end sequence. To justify her conclusion of the story she started filling it with epilogues. This eventually resulted in building many epilogues. Very lately she realized that each of the epilogues developed into different plots. It was not until late after have written epilogue after epilogue to build a base that she realized her story is taking the turn of a romantic love story instead of thriller story she actually anticipated. So the resultant is a breath taking action packed thriller filled with love and romance.