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This article is mainly focused on the perception of the American society on obesity and obese people. The author relates it to the impression that the media gives to the public.
The aim of the author in the article is to bring to light the real picture about obesity and the misconception that the American society has towards people who are fat. The author gives the perspective of obese people and that of thin people and relates them. Most people in America associate obesity with poor health. This is however not the case considering the fact that experts have proven that fitness is the issue and not fatness and also not all thin people are healthy.
Inferences the author makes
According to the author, the American society hates obese people. This is portrayed in various aspects especially the media where all products are advertised by thin models. She further adds that thinness is perceived as a very classy and comfortable state to be in. This is the main reason as to why most America people struggle to achieve this thinness. The author has also touched on the fact that the perception that the American people have toward obese people is actually based on no facts but what the media is just portraying. She gives the opinion of fat people, their health and how they feel about themselves.
Supporting evidences
The author uses true stories about what happens in the society to support his claims. She further uses the opinion of experts on the issue. There is also statistical evidence and use of reason to support the writers claim on the perception about fat people. The evidence provided in the article is very well reliable and gives the reader a chance to research more on the topic when in doubt.
Various sources have been used by the author when writing the article. They include books and journals by experts and internet sources. The writer has also cited sources where she accessed the information bearing the names of there original authors. The sources have been given by the Modern Language Association. This increases the reliability of the sources.
The author`s points are supported by accounts from experts who know more about the issue. She further persuades the reader by giving true life experience accounts of obese people and the experience that they have had in life due to their looks. The author has further added a list of references where additional research can be conducted by the reader to know more and confirm on the topic. I believe the author has said enough regarding the topic.
World view / propaganda
The information given in the article is not propaganda but what has been well researched on by the writer. This has also been documented by an organization that has a good reputation all over. The writer paints a true picture of what happens to obese people in the American society and also gives evidence to prove his claims on the same. Very few people have taken the step to show and share with the world the feelings of obese people and the truth about obesity.
Personal position
My opinion is that American people hate obese people without much regard on how they feel. The perception that they have towards obesity is very negative despite the fact that most have little information on the issue. The media has is also responsible of the shaping of the perception of the American people negatively which is not good.
Work cited
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