Reflection paper

The importance of undertaking personal evaluation can never be
underestimated as far as determining the comprehension and applicability
of a certain text is concerned. As much as the course has explored
varied topics and issues, my comprehension of them has been quite
varying. In fact, I find their applicability in my life not to be
exactly the same.
One of the areas and aspects that I found fascinating and easy to
comprehend revolved around the news media and nonmarket issues. It is
well noted that the media has the capacity to inflate an issue
especially in instances where it is safeguarding the public entitlement
to knowledge. However, there are instances where it may be biased thanks
to time constraints and the complexity of nonmarket issues.
Nevertheless, I found the varied company media guidelines extremely
applicable in my case, especially due to the need to relate with the
media in a manner that does not jeopardize the firm’s reputation.
However, I found issues pertaining to private politics a bit confusing.
Private politics are mainly triggered by activist organizations and
NGOs, and are seen as strategic competition especially considering that
they may be utilized by business interests (Wright, 1994). While this
may be quite easy to comprehend, I am yet to comprehend the Activists’
Generic Strategy, as well as the dynamics involving issues and
Conversely, I find issues pertaining to crisis management quite
applicable in my personal life. As much as the larger part of the text
is written in the context or organizational environment, I find the
issues covered as quite transferable to my personal life. The components
of crisis management program such as preparedness, avoidance, root cause
analysis and response are applicable in any crisis irrespective of the
environment (Wright, 1994). All in all, I can identify with crisis
management course covered in the course.
Wright, S (1994). The Anthropology of Organizations. London: Routledge