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Part one
Surfing is a water sport, which is growing popularity all over the
world. Surfing is a sport, a hobby and passion. Surfing is also
considered to be a proper exercise to keep people fit and
in shape. Surfing originated from Hawaii, and now beaches are an
attraction for people to have a proper place of surfing. Surfing is
not only a sport, but surfing popularity has also created opportunities
for brands to make accessories related to surfing. These
accessories include clothing, goggles and surfing equipment. Surfing
has also influenced the media and now there are magazines all over the
world, dedicated to surfing. These magazines and newspaper’s report
on the new events in the surfing world surfing teams and which beach is
suitable for surfing.
Surfing in Australia gained attention in the 1970s because of Aussies
attitude towards surfing. Aussies celebrate surfing sport in a
colorful way, and there is growing number of surf-based companies.
Surfing has become a profession for some people. People can earn vast
sums of money, by training new and existing surfers. Surfing is in
itself an industry, contributing to the economy and culture of a
country (“History of surfing”, 2012). For a surfer, waves are extremely
valuable as compared to others without waves, surfing would not exist.
The time it takes for two waves to peak by is called wave period. This
term is coined by surfers who want to know how apart the waves are
the measurement of the distance between the two. The waves
that string and developed from far away are called swell. These
waves are also called ground swell. The waves that originate from
local winds are referred to as wind waves.
The ideal waves for surfing are swell or ground swell waves. Wind
waves are usually avoided by surfers as not an ideal condition to
surf. New and existing surfers need to know about the wave conditions
and the weather conditions of the place they want to surf. The weather
conditions and wave conditions are crucial because it affects the
performance of the surfer. Surfers need to select surfing boards that
to go along with their weight and height. Short surfing boards may
look attractive, but if the surfer is not the appropriate size as the
surfing board is, then the surfer is most likely to face many problems.
Also, if surfers want to learn fast, they should use boards that are
float and boards which would make easier for the surfer to turn
around. A longer board also makes it easier for the surfer to catch the
waves. Longer boards facilitate the surfer as they wont trip and
the surfer can easily keep his balance (“Learn to surf”, 2010).
Lodge Enterprise is a new domestic tourist operator, which specializes
in surf holidays. The company is new and operating in Sydney. The
company is new, and the target market are surfers, which would include
tourists from other countries and within the country. There are top ten
beaches to which Lodge Enterprise has access. Lodge Enterprise is going
to give its customers the opportunity, to benefit from Lodge
Enterprise expertise on surfing and go to beaches that have
the perfect wave. The top ten beaches in Australia are North
Narrabeen, Tamarama, Bells Beach, Boomerang Beach, Kirra Beach, Byron
Bay, Lennox Head, Yallingup, Prevelly Park, Eaglehawk Neck, Bondi Beach,
Manly Beach, Noosa and Secret Harbor (Wilson, 2012). Lodge Enterprise
has many competitors in the market, and because of this, Lodge
Enterprise wants to introduce something unique, that none of the other
competitors has.
Lodge Enterprise is planning to launch a website, which
would inform surfers about the weather and wave conditions of the
beaches, at which they want to surf. Lodge Enterprise
would introduce competitive and attractive packages for surfers,
which would be aligned with the weather situation of the beach that the
surfer wants to visit. Surfing and travelling goes hand in hand, and
without travelling surfing would not be any fun. To attract tourists,
Lodge Enterprise is going to carry out a market research, on what
surfers desire the most when they are out surfing. The details of the
project are listed below:
• Lodge Enterprise is going to launch a website, with details of
weather conditions, relevant to different beaches.
• The price of surfing would be with respect to the quality of
waves and weather condition.
This is a new project and needs a lot of effort and knowledge to get
it right. As the project manager, I have evaluated the many risks
that are associated with this project. The first risk is the changing
weather conditions that
would need an effective and deficient system to update. Weather
changes within the blink of eye, if the website of Lodge Enterprise
shows something else, and the real weather changes to something else,
then Lodge Enterprise has to face customer dissatisfaction. Lodge
Enterprise would also need an efficient weather forecast team, to
continuously work on weather and wave conditions and update on the
website. Another problem is the linking of weather conditions with the
price. If weather conditions are opposite to the conditions mentioned
in the website, then the customer would ask for a refund of what they
have paid, and the company may suffer losses.
The ten steps that I, being the project manager would take are as
1) Develop a competitive team, consisting of specialists, in weather
forecasts, accurate evaluation of waves and a highly skilled
IT force to update the website.
2) Carrying out market research, as to whether such a project has
any prospective or not.
3) Aiming to develop an easy to use website. The design of the website
matters, as the surfers would look for more information in less time.
4) The website would also be given surfers, tips to surf in different
weather conditions and how to manage waves.
5) To make sure that the website is developed in a way, which it would
automatically update in case of a change in weather condition
or wave condition.
6) To include different beaches in Lodge Enterprises website
and list down the features that would be helpful for the surfers.
7) To make attractive packages for surfers that would give them more
than a surfing experience, these packages can have tours in them of
the city or surfing lessons or tips from a surfing expert.
8) To include a term in the website, which would assure the surfer,
that the weather and wave conditions may change, and Lodge Enterprise
has no control over these changes.
9) Australian laws of surfing, which would give the surfers an idea of
what the things that they should be careful about.
10) A dry run of the website, testing it on the Aussies before making it
accessible for the world.
Part two
The government wants to obtain data from 100 companies, and for this
task, there would be many people involved. Stakeholders are those people
who are directly affected by a business activity. In this case, the
first stake holder would be the government department, who is the end
user of the information and has requested information, in the first
place. The second stakeholder would be the project management team,
who has to acquire information from the companies. The third
stakeholder would be the companies, which the project management team is
going to get the information from. The fourth stakeholder would be
the second government department, who would be viewing the
information before it goes to the government. These all stakeholders
have a direct interest in the information, and thus, would be involved
in the steps of obtaining data.
The first step is design. The design step means to show, how the
data is going to be obtained from companies. The government has to be
involved in it as government would be giving permission and authority
to the project management to carry out this task. The project management
teams need to know how they can complete this task in less time
effectively and efficiently. The companies would be involved here as
they need to know that the project management team has
the authority to access their documents, to obtain their
information. The companies also need to know the design, so they can
provide the project management team with the required information and
documents. The second government needs to know the design. So when
they evaluate the information, they would be confirmed about the
credibility of the sources used by the project management team in
obtaining the data.
The second step is inception. Inception is the beginning of
something, like an undertaking which states that anything stated in
the study, is acquired through legal and credible ways. Government
needs to undertake that the data obtained from companies, would only
be used for evaluating the economic activity of the company. The project
management needs to undertake, that the data they obtain from
companies, would remain confidential. Project team also needs
to undertake the fact that they would use ethical and credible
sources. The companies have to undertake that the information they
provide, to the project management team, is accurate. The companies
should not misrepresent the data in any way and
should respect the authorities. The second government
should undertake that they would
not evaluate the data, biasly and whatever information has been
given to them, would be passed on to the government.
The other four stages are scope agreement, delivery, review
and completion. The stakeholders should be involved in these processes
with respect to the level of their specialization. All the
stakeholders should agree on how the information is going to be
obtained, the information that would be necessary and should be provided
by the company and the way in which that information would be used.
Scope agreement would include, how much time would be allotted to the
project management team to complete their task and report to the
second government. The second government needs to decide how much
time they would need to evaluate the information and pass it on to the
government. The government needs to decide, how much time they have all
together for the collection of information and how much time would the
companies need, in order to produce the documents.
In the fifth stage, that is delivery, the project team management and
companies are two prominent stakeholder. The project team management
would divide companies amongst them and work towards the completion of
the task in an organized way. The companies need to decide, what
information, legal and corporate documents would the project
team require, in order to get the information they require. The
company needs to decide the information they have to provide, and
they information, for there, is no need.
The sixth stage is the review stage, in which the project team has
delivered the required information to the second government.
The second government is responsible for viewing the data collected by
the project team and then passing it to the head government.
The second government would sort out the data, relevant and
irrelevant. The second government would also view the credibility of
sources used by the team management and use its own sources, to test
whether the companies have provided the right information.
The last stage is completion. In this stage,
the second government passes the reviewed information to
the head government. The head government then sees the economic
activity of the companies, and if no further information is needed,
then the task of the project team management is declared completed.
If the government requires more documents or data on other aspects,
the project team has to go through the whole process again.
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Project Management