Practicing Registered nursing (RNs) especially in a renowned hospital such as Palm Beach Garden Medical Center has been my desire. PBGMC offers registered nurses residencies for new grads. RN residencies are formal education programs. Being a renowned hospital with a popular history I desire to undertake these programs in PBGMC. This hospital will offer me a student loan with later repayment programs. The loan is offered via the Department of Health and Human Services. I will be offered the loan in exchange for the services that I will render to the PBGMC. After one year of full-time employment in PBGMC I will enjoy the tuition reimbursement. As an undergraduate student, I will receive a full tuition remission of eight credits for every semester in every year that I will be in PBGMC.
According to Turner (2007), trying to function as a new nurse without the benefits of the experience offered in an RN Residency is like competing in swimming races in swimming pools having not done any practice. Therefore, I want to take advantage of an exceptional RN Residency program that is offered by PBGMC. I want the outstanding residency innovative and multimodal program to help me combine my “education with operational outcomes and management tools” (Turner, 2007). RC Residency plan is the ideal program for me because I have changed my career from a flight attendant to nursing.
I may find it very challenging to join nursing from being a flight attendant where I have worked for many years however my choice for versant program will help my safe transition. The staff of PBGMC is experienced having been tasked with difficult and challenging tasks and taking versant program in this hospital will offer me basic experience which will be of paramount importance in my career life. I am very dedicated, hardworking, reliable, and loyal therefore, versant program will be the ideal program for me. Successful completion of this program will leave me armed with necessary basic experience. PBGMC is among the best hospitals in United States and it is also recognized by healthgarde. The benefits that I desire to receive will make me be completely committed in my duties such that I will positively contribute to making PBGMC be a hospital of choice.
Nursing is a challenging profession where safety and precision are significant, and nothing is taken for granted. Choice of undertaking versant programs in PBGMC will offer me an opportunity of meeting new people in order to discover what I do not know. Working in real life situations together with my peers and the senior staff will help me learn new nursing skills and build on the ones that I will have already learnt in Florida Atlantic University.
My prospect as a new nursing graduate will be to attain the highest level of responsibility. However, developing my career will mean taking total responsibility for my career and my life. After graduating from Florida Atlantic University and attain my MSN I will still continue with my professional learning. After 5 years, I want to reach the level of being a charge nurse where I will have a good opportunity of exercising what I have always desired since I was 5 years old. Being in this level of leadership will enable me exercise my leadership skills especially in healthcare. Preciptoring new grads will be ultimate aim, since PBGMC offers versant programs for new graduates. The hospital has many departments, and this will offer me an opportunity to exercise my flexibility abilities where I will be traversing different departments in the hospital.
Working as a flight attendant offered me an opportunity of handling a wide range of problems and challenges. Therefore, I developed a high level of attention. This level of attention is very helpful in a hospital setting since, most cases especially in recognized hospitals such as PBGMC require quick and fast attention. This will enable me deliver a high quality service to the patients. PBGMC has been my role hospital of choice and I look forward to being one of the PBGMC staff. I believe that I will be a great asset to the hospital and I will offer my highest level of responsibility so that I can ensure that my services contribute to elevating PBGMC to be one of the leading hospitals in the United States of America.
Strategies are decisions one makes to position himself in a complex environment (typical healthcare organization). Finally, an individual must design a right career support structure for career management. A considerable number of new grads become frustrated inside their first year of practicing nursing after graduation due to poor orientation in professional nursing. Working in PBGMC will make someone competent, safe, and confident within a short time.
Turner, S. (2007). The Nursing Career Planning Guide. Sadbury: Jones & Bartlett Learning.