Module 3

Describe the General Structure of a Computer Network
A computer network is composed of interconnected computers within a
communication system provided by the general businessmen and women
within the area of coverage. However, a computer network should have a
central con troll known as the server which directs all communication
from one location to the other. There has to be the user’s accounts,
which are essential in determining who is logged in or out. The computer
network may be connected to the intranet, internet or both communication
systems. The name of the business organization is referred to as the
evergreen healthy leaving (Gooijer, 2009). Information technology in
business is to enhance high sales, growth and development project is
based on a small business organization that deals with organizations
step-up within a city centre. The business is situated at a peculiar
place where everybody within the city could have a glimpse at the mall.
The essay is supposed to illustrate how the organization youth sale of
greens (vegetables) (Azevedo, 2008).
ICT (Information communication technology is an extremely profound)
technology that is capable of controlling the global business regardless
of the form of movement within a country or the international market
(Camarinha-Matos, 2004). However despite the efficiency in accomplishing
tasks, which would have taken longer time spans before completion, the
ICT is dangerous technology that requires vast expertise and pre
cautionary measure in order to eradicate fraudulent activities that
encompass it. This implies that there must be adequate information
security so that nobody would intrude to use the materials with malice
(Camarinha-Matos, 2004).
As a business venture, the sale of green vegetables requires adequate
and quick service since the business entails perishable products. Having
the mall within the city centre is a boost to the business
organization that venture into CLOUD COMPUTING so that not everybody
would come to the mall in order to obtain their requirements (Gooijer,
2009). The business has a website where customers are able to login
variables the products, which are availed within the mall and other
affiliate branches within the countryside (Camarinha-Matos, 2004).
The business obtained an attractive website that is able to not only
penlight the customers about the company products, but also the
information around the world. The inclusion of social sites like face
book, tweeter, linked and cupid which are meant for socialization within
the international scope. After the development of the site, it was
embedded with the lucrative features which would be used as a source of
verbal advertisement to the community so that the information would go
far and wide (Gooijer, 2009).
However, prior to the launch of the website, it was necessary to
ascertain that everything in place including the security measures that
would not allow the in traders to interfere with the organizational
properties and online communication (Gooijer, 2009). The evergreen
healthy living is grocery firm based within the city centre, not to for
accessibility, but to build customer trust (Camarinha-Matos, 2004).
The Bsuness Operates Virtually Through Cloud Computing System.
The products and services offered within the firm could be obtained from
any of the braches with are located in a number of countries within the
global market. Technology has gone beyond communication and automobile
business (Camarinha-Matos, 2004).
The firms’ city based office has got a wide range of services offered,
for example, internet cyber café, which’s not meant for advertising
the business products, but for public use since most of the users
would ignore the chance to visit the cyber pretending not to be
interested in the firms’ products (Azevedo, 2008). Through the
computer interface, the respective users derive pleasure in the company
products (Gooijer, 2009).
However, the availability of social interactive sites creates a better
link with other individuals who are not within the area. Since the users
are able to recommend other members and submit to the links from the
evergreen healthy living material s and information that would be
appealing to read. This is one of the ways through which the
organization plans to intensify its advertisement and sales strategies
(Camarinha-Matos, 2004).
(b) Present Some Typical Procedures for Securing and Maintaining
The company network is exposed to myriad security risks and malware
which are supposed to be taken care of, in order to achieve a
considerable efficiency and system integrity (Camarinha-Matos, 2004).
Virus Threats
Among the threats that could cause system breakdown are the virus
programs. Such programs are meant to interfere with the system so that
the organization may stall its online services? However, in order to
intervene on the issue. The company’s information and systems manage
has data management and security systems that would not be accused by
any malicious program (Azevedo, 2008).
The crucial company documents are stored within the internet so as to
ease flexibility when documents are required within a considerable
distance, within a timely manner (Camarinha-Matos, 2004). The company
documentaries are kept in different systems and removable disks and
online as well meant for information integrity (Azevedo, 2008).
Other implemented securities include the intranet that could be accessed
only from the firms’ offices hence the number of users who access
information could be traced from the server (Gooijer, 2009). However,
the respective users are allocated limited access to information so that
every member gets to authenticate their user accounts which contain only
the crucial information (Azevedo, 2008). The availability of firewall
would enhance information exchange through filtering of junk mails and
malware programs aimed at harming the computer and system programs
(Gooijer, 2009).
Online Transactions
The third and most vital sector that requires accuracy is the online
products purchasing. Since the firm is based in many countries, the
respective e customers have to specify their location in order t be
directed to the nearest point of sales where they are supposed to
receive their services (Camarinha-Matos, 2004).
The payment details are significant in a way that on every purchase,
there must be a document that indicates the purchased product and the
requested location so that the company would have the same details in
their database (Camarinha-Matos, 2004). Despite the cost of products
and services, there are other services that could only be obtained from
the same countries. The system would not allow for purchase of services
which are not contained within the country (Camarinha-Matos, 2004). A
computer network should be updated with the latest information however,
information back-ups are also beneficial in ensuring that
organizations’ documents are safe (Azevedo, 2008).
The link between the technological compensates and the overall
socio-technical framework of the grocery firm is evidenced through
communication and interconnectivity within the system. However, the
clients with vast expertise in the writing field are able to assist
other customers with the ideological information that necessitates the
ability to move to the point that both parties could be convinced that
the structural make up of the area determined by the traders (Gooijer,
2009). Through interaction either faces to face of communication though
internet, it would be prudent to wait for the classes to end within the
city centers, this would enhance he ability to pay less for the same
products (Camarinha-Matos, 2004).
Through interaction with customers are different locations, it is
prudent to detect the lying potentials. It is possible to expand the
business to a private venture recognized by the international market
(Camarinha-Matos, 2004). Once the communication is implemented between
the client and the company, the required services are delivered at the
respective destinations as stated by the customer. This is an efficient
way, a peculiar case that people, businessmen and women wish to
understand and practice within their homes. But the technical skills
required create a barrier leading to prosperity in market demands.
However, with time the business is likely to expand into a global
venture since the internet covers everywhere. The security of
information is the main critical factors to be considered when engaging
in online work.
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