Midterm Writing-Affluenza the Virus for Greed

There is an extensive generation that is spotted by individuals who are
young and highly educated. This extensive generation of literate young
fellows is heavily burdened by tangled in debts that are unmanageable.
These individuals are described as the generation debt in America as
the rate of expenditure of these individuals exceeds the rate of earning
by a huge margin. Notably, the generation debt is the young Americans
who have never encountered hardships or problems, in their lives and
they always yearn for more than they can consume. Therefore, these
people waste a lot of resources as they compete with their peers for
the most luxurious lives and towering expenditures.
The generation or the Baby Boomers is the initial generation in the
history of America to go to retirement with a lot of debts, which
include balances that were never paid on credit cards. The generation
debt came to being due to the 2008 financial crisis that affected
American economy and crippled most people. Most of the baby boomers were
forced to remain working long after retirement to facilitate their
survival in the poor economic times. At the moment, most majority of the
baby boomers are surviving on security checks due to financial
constraints. The generation debt of the baby boomers encounters brutal
financial realities, which translate to serious difficulties in
obtaining, storing or creating wealth.
Most of the people in the rich countries in this planet live luxurious
lives, but they are never contented with the things that they own. There
is an insistent feeling that makes this people feel that they do not
have enough possession, and they always yearn to get more and more
wealth. The people who never get enough compare their own wealth with
the wealth of other people. These people feel that they desire to get a
lot of wealth to outdo their friends. The pursuit of riches and wealth
is not a new phenomenon, but the virus has escalated at an alarming rate
until sociologist gave the social ailment the name affluenza. The virus
for continues desire and yearn for excess wealth has continued to eat up
the American people. Though affluenza is as old as human civilization,
the exponential increase in the intensity of the virus is harmful to
Affluenza spreads as a virus to the entire parts of the host, and it
eats up the host until the host is no more. This virus is a social vice
that consumes the hosts and destroys the live of the victims by
implanting a seed of always wishing to get more and more wealth,
regardless with the amount of wealth that an individual owns (Robert and
Abdon 1). Affluenza burns down the lives of their victims with the
brazen quest of substance possessions. In the last ten decades,
affluenza was not as notorious as during the utter depression people
lived through hardships, and they were contented with the little that
they possessed.
Similarly, people who lived in the Greatest Generation worked extremely
hard to obtain enough cash, but they bought the only things that were
vital and saved most of their money. The greatest generation did not
purchase items on credit, but they paid cash for the few items that they
required to buy thus the debt percentage was almost negligible (Robert
and Abdon 2). Prosperity in America followed the WW II and corporations
employed all the known tactics to entice their customers and potential
customers. Advertisements were tailored to target certain age groups and
demographic segments ensuring that their goods went directly to the
intended customers. People who were most targeted by the adverts were
the youths, teenagers, couples and singles. Further, television was
utilized as the key channel of advertising and corporations managed to
reach out for multiple customers at the same time, with every advert
(Robert and Abdon 3).
The period welcomed the Baby Boomers who did not wish their kids to
encounter the hardships that they endured during the great depression.
The quest of the parents to give their children a good life, the parents
overwhelmed the kids with material wealth. The actions of these parents
led to the unintended development of the spirit of luxurious living, as
well as the emergence of the entitlement culture (Robert and Abdon 4).
As the Baby Boomers became of age, they also strived to give their kids
an easy life, which ensured that the kids lacked nothing at all. This
cycle went on and on as every successive generation felt that it was
their obligation to offer the best and obtain the best from life,
irrespective of whether people would afford the luxurious life.
To top up the factors that have con tribute to the growth and spread of
affluenza virus, it is essential to mention that the unparalleled period
of prosperity in human history following WW II. Arguably, the entire
generation of people who came after WW II has never experienced
difficulties in life. These people propelled the living standards to
extreme heights as they did not know other things apart from happy and
good times (Robert and Abdon 6). Therefore, these generations got the
entire things that they wanted, and the culture that emerged was feeling
of desiring the wealth ad property of other people. To these
generations, status and material possession are more significant than
character thus crucial values as integrity, fiscal responsibility and
hard work were relentlessly abandoned by the good time generation.
Furthermore, affluenza virus continues to impact negatively on people
who desire better lives than that of their neighbors and friends. This
desire has driven people to purchase items that they do not need.
Notably, most Americans purchase more than they can utilize or consume.
Further, the virus continues to crush the economy as the government and
corporation continue to overspend on unnecessary luxuries, which
accumulate debts that will be paid by the citizens (Robert and Abdon 7).
Evidently, American families have broken down as people refocus their
attention and strength to making corpulent profits and securing the most
affluent jobs. The ultimate outcome of this lifestyle is that a lot of
food, goods and items end up in dust bins as people continue to purchase
more than their needs. The level of debts, unpaid and late mortgages,
has escalated exponentially, and unless something is done to rectify
this situation, then the whole society will be ruined by the affluenza
In conclusion, though affluenza is as old as human civilization the
exponential increase in the intensity of the virus is harmful to
society. The author has vividly proved that affluenza is a serious
problem in the society, which is ruining the lives of most people. The
trends of affluenza indicate that the social virus has already ruined
the lives of most people in the current life. The worst thing about
affluenza is that it is not only about looking for funds, as well as
material wealth, but the desire to yearn and pursuit the material
possession, without minding about other values and factors of life.
Therefore, affluenza eats up the life of the victims until the victims
are left with nothing more than desperation and anguish.
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