MBA Admission Essay Professional & Personal Accomplishments

Personal and Professional Accomplishments
The day I was asked to present my personnel and professional accomplishments, the first thought that came to my mind was what my grandpa used to say: everyman to be successful in life has to play dual roles, personal and professional. My grandpa`s advice carried a warning also: never mix up these roles. This warning may sound simple but to accomplish it is as tough as climbing the Mt. Everest and I cannot consider myself exempted from this. The one thing that I learned from professional and personal life is that for any of them it is the final accomplishment that matters my accomplishments include having secured the job of a `Technical Manager` in Dell and personally accomplishment was `constructing a home`. Both of these accomplishments are what I value the most and feel proud of, the simple reason being the efforts and time taken.
Professional Accomplishment
As a teen I aimed to be a computer engineer. During my engineering graduation days I came across the book `Direct from DELL` by the chairman and DEO of Dell – Michael Dell. The most fascinating thing that I liked of the book was: `Bring Your Partners inside Your Business`. In the book Michael Dell informs how people with strong aims reached heights in the organization. This organizational culture motivated me to secure a place in Dell. The way Dell considers experienced people to take into its fold further motivated to me to first gain the experience. Thus I joined `Al-Alamaih` that was a distributor of computer peripherals as the firm also provided technical support it was considered by Dell as a strategic partner for its Saudi Arabia operations. However the recession of 2006 pushed the organization into bankruptcy this left us with 3-months of lay-off time.
The 5-years of my job tenure with `Al-Alamaih` helped me to attain considerable amount of experience as a technical expert for Dell computers as 80% of my jobs were for Dell computers doing direct sales. This also exposed me to the technical managers of Dell. This was the period when I aspired to become a Technical Support Manager at Dell. My knowledge of customer base gained through visits to MNCs wherein I was able to establish good rapport with the senior management helped me to gain a job with Dell as a Technical Support Manager (TSM). Having put up 12-months of service as a TSM now I am aiming to become the Regional Manager for which I need to attain managerial skills the MBA degree will help me in this regard.
Personal Accomplishment
Building a home was my personal ambition, which I have done this year. The project management techniques helped to plan and execute. To have a home of my own I have been consistently saving 25% of my earnings. After 7-years of savings I had considerable sum of amount to pay for the initial amount to make myself eligible for a bank loan. Once the loan was sanctioned, as required by the bank regulations I had to construct my home in 4-phases (foundation & basement, pillars ceiling, wall and wood work and finally the finishing and interiors). This process took 2-full years as I had to personally deal with the construction managing the supplies of required material, negotiating, organizing and motivating the workmen and contractors at every stage such that the bank releases the second phase amount and most of these things I had to mange simultaneously without disturbing my professional career.
Today I am happily employed with Dell as a TM residing in my own home and dreaming of becoming a TSM for which the MBA degree is anticipated to help me fulfill another dream – converting my home into a bungalow!