Human Resource management

Human Resource Management:
Human resource organization plays a vital task in selecting and training employees. This ensures that employers get only competitive workers in the organization. The human resource management has intervened in solving the conflict between employers and employees over a long period of time. The management ensures that there is fairness to both employers and employees. The employer has the responsibility of creating a working environment that is conducive and also paying the employer well, as laws of human resource management stipulate (Kluemper and Rosen 2009). On the other hand, the employee has the responsibility of providing excellent services and products to the industry or organization. Therefore, it is the sole responsibility of the human resource management to create a mutual relationship between the employer and employee by following an exemplary procedure in selecting and recommending workers to different firms. Furthermore, this paper expounds on the criteria that human resource management use in selecting employers, and how they train them to remain perfect in the market.
Factors that a Human Resource Manager considers before hiring employees:
The human resource management hires potential employees. These are the people who are in an excellent position of upgrading the standard of an organization. A potential employee works under minimal or no supervision since he/she is well informed of tasks involved. The human resource management settled on the specialized human resource manager after going through all the twenty five jobs. This is because the organization relies on the specialized human resource manager ( Kluemper and Rosen 2009). A human resource manager is the heartbeat of the organization. Therefore, his role is pivotal in the company. His responsibilities include maintaining the working relation between the employer and employee, providing exceptional services and products to both the organization and customers, excellent relationship between the organization and the public and working effectively to ensure that both the employer and employee enjoy the gains made. Therefore, the human resource management position requires someone who is knowledgeable, experienced, skilled and creative so that the organization can realize its dreams.
Additionally, the profession is another key factor that human resource management looks when hiring an employee (Kluemper and Rosen 2009). In this case, the organization requires an individual who maintains the credibility of the organization. There is the need of selecting a professional who will abide by the code of ethics of the organization. Some of the key qualities of a qualifying professional include honesty, integrity and respect. The person that upholds all these attributes is mainly one who has worked for several years, has not been involved in any form of corruption and has made some achievements. The person increases the credibility of the company, and as a result, it gains the confidence of both employees and the public. Consequently, the organization makes good profit as most people prefer carrying out business with the organization. It is therefore extremely important for the organization to get a qualified person. Additionally, the human resource management looks for a person who is time conscious as this aids the organization in growing rapidly. The specialized human resource manager will be able to keep time ( Razi ,2006). Bearing in mind that the economic growth of an organization relies heavily on time, the specialized manager will utilize the time to innovate modern technology and techniques at the working environment. For business to realize the rapid growth, it requires the kind of innovation that makes it far ahead of other organizations. Furthermore, the individual that the human resource management hires should show interest in upgrading the level of his education this makes him learn new things and gains the experience (Mathis, 2007). The person who is not ready to learn gets no information, and as a result, he stands the immense chance of becoming out dated. The modern economic market has no space for people who are not growing academically. Therefore, employing people who are static academically is like a liability to the industry. Moreover, the person should encourage impartiality in the health working conditions among workers. This should always begin with the mode of dressing that has an impact on the image of the company. For instance, the manager should be able to provide workers with gloves if they are working in a hazardous environment.
Procedure that human resource use in hiring employee:
The human resource management follows the most fundamental procedure when selecting the employee. The procedure falls under the job analysis that has several categories. There are two categories under the job analysis that include institution based assessment and the task based assessment ( Mathis ,2007). The institution based assessment involves cognitive ability test, job knowledge, personal test, biographical data, physical fitness, integrity test and interviews. On the other hand, the task based assessment includes situational judgment test, work sample test, assessment centers and physical ability test. The human resource management values the goal that the organization has set, therefore, they ensure that the employee that they hire does not bridge these standards ( Mathis ,2007).The physical fitness in the institution based assessment is extremely fundamental as the specialized human resource manager will require moving from one point to another that requires an exemplary health status. On the other hand, the biographical data is fundamental in the sense that they make it easy for the employer to trace the employee in case of any challenge. However, the management also looks at the task based assessment to ensure that both an employee and employer receive equity. In the event of the person passing all these procedures, the management hires the person.
The purpose of training employees:
The purpose of training and having programs that develop management is to advance the capabilities of employees. This has a direct upshot on the capabilities of the business. As such, it is vital for an organization to be keen in advancing skills of its employees, both at the individual and team level. Employee training is the process of improving the skills and capabilities for doing a specific job (Razi, 2006). This is crucial element for success and overall development of an organization. Training new employees makes them well versed with the organization`s rules, regulations, working conditions and the mission and visions that drive the organization. To already existing employees, training helps them refresh and enhance operational knowledge. Thus training is a continuous and frequent process. Every organization once in a while undergoes changes in terms of the production process, purchasing of new equipment or upgrading the computer systems. Training aids employees adapt to these changes for maximum efficiency. Some of the advantages of frequent training of employees include improving staff morale, reducing the level of employee supervision and reducing cases of accidents and errors. All these increase productivity of the organization, and to the employees it increases their chances of being promoted. Generally, training is done in two chief methods. The first method involves job training, whereby employees are trained in their working areas. In the second training method known as `off the job training`, coaching is done away from the actual working condition. Since the effect of training in an organization cannot be underestimated, some of the processes that can be implemented to ensure the above include ensuring that the employees are working in a conducive environment. This is the first condition that must be fulfilled. This boosts the employees` mental and psychological setups and influence high productivity levels as a result of being comfortable in that environment. Designing a comfortable environment is aesthetical careful attention to designing an office or workplace can also boost employees` happiness. In an office, every employee should have adequate working space to avoid overcrowding. The office should also be well ventilated and the walls painted with bright colors which, according to research, can advance the staff morale.
Additionally, the management should aid employees deal with stress. People spend more time at work and end up suffering from work-related stress. Untimely solutions by the management regarding this predicament can negatively impact the productivity of the employees experiencing mental fatigue caused by stress. Giving employees time off for special occasions or emergencies while effectively managing their schedules for continuous production is one of the most effective ways of aiding employees overcome stress .Furthermore, the management should train employers on the significance of recognizing employee contribution. It is human nature to feel motivated when our contributions or actions are recognized and appreciated. The employer recognizes employees through certificate rewards or even promotions at work. Additionally, the human resource management ensures that the working environment does not compromise the employee`s health condition. This can be expressed through having medical insurance schemes for the employees to cater for any health issues that may arise. It is important to note that staff morale is positively influenced by having good health as this makes them work efficiently. Genuineness is the most imperative thing to remember when the management looks after employee`s welfare. The employer should use all methods to maintain the care of employees, and this should be done based on the interest of employees. Moreover, the human resource management should offer diverse training opportunities at the working environment, so that skills of employees keep on advancing. This can be effective through workshops and seminars that keep on reminding employees minute, but fundamental details that they might be forgotten or ignored. Employees can leave their current companies due to lack of development opportunities. Providing them with effective and professional training is a sure way to boost their morale. Most organizations begin doing this by partnering new employees with more seasoned ones, bringing in specialists for training sessions and also encouraging employees to attend both local seminars and international conferences. Even when the organization`s financial situation is tight, it would be a short sighted business view to cut these programs considering their significant contribution to the employees who are key in achieving business growth. Workshops and seminars on a diversity of topics can advance morale, especially after adding a benefit like partial tuition refund or subsidizing charges. In addition, the human resource management should train the superior management to be always available in listening and aiding employees as this hinders employees from feeling ignored. The first way is to create and maintain a clear upward and downward communication structure to ensure free flow of information, rules, regulations and overall organizational changes or advancements. The management should be easily accessible to the employees in such a way that they can voice their claims, comments and suggestions. The employees will take pride in the fact that their work and opinions are valued. Employee participation is crucial because each one has different abilities from the other and can point out inefficiencies in the organization, though they may not feel empowered to do so. The management should give a listening ear to the employee`s experience in terms of their day to day experiences and how barriers can be eliminated. Employees can be supplied with critical information and financial data and teaching them what the information means ( Nkomo, 2008).This way they can influence the company`s collective success.
In conclusion, the human resource management plays a crucial role in training and promoting the production facilities, thus, it is vital for the employer to carry out its instructions keenly. The human resource management should select and train the employee who is competitive. (Nkomo, 2008). The environment that an employee operates in is extremely vital therefore, it is the responsibility of human resource management to cater for this working condition so that the worker can perform his/her duties efficiently.
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