Gun Control

Gun control involves the regulation of purchase and usage of firearms.
Gun control in the United States is a hot debate that has been mainly
fueled by cases of crime, homicides, suicides, and other unlawful
behavior in the country. The American culture as depicted in the movies,
video games as well as in the media coverage of crime as seen on
television presents a picture that, gun control is an issue of interest
in the country. The situation is also aggravated by the increased
incidences of teenage shooting sprees in learning institution as well as
accidental shooting. With this picture in mind, the issue of gun control
has been and will remain a concern until it is appropriately resolved.
A gun is a dangerous weapon and can be harmful to others as well as the
owner. If there is gun control, this will ensure that guns arms are only
possessed by deserving persons only. This group of deserving people may
include security personnel, people whose security is threatened, or
persons involved in lethal missions. Ultimately, people allowed to
possess firearms should be of sound mind. For any society or a country
to experience sanity, gun control should be practiced. Many killings
have happened in the country over the years as children and people who
are mentally challenged engage in mass killing, homicide, and even
suicide. The case of children shooting others in schools such as the
Columbine High School incident is attributable to gun availability and
accessibility. Gun control measures in the United States are not strict
enough, a factor that has contributed to flourishing of firearms in the
Similarly, lack of gun control measures can result to an upsurge in
criminal activities in the country. For example, the drug world entails
illegal guns for protection and dominance of the black market.
Subsequently, several crimes involving kidnapping, rape, robberies and
other crimes are mostly achieved with firearms. If guns are not
regulated, it is obvious that these crimes will increase and drive the
society to moral crises. Nevertheless, offenders can still access guns
from authorized owners and use them for executing crimes, which is
another reason why guns should be controlled in the country. Besides,
authorized gun owners also engage in killings in cases where they
perceive their victims as a threat. Thus, innocent lives continue to be
wasted under the care of licensed guns.
Possession of guns by individuals in the country raises the level of
insecurity in the country. People perceive others as a threat and even
kids choose to have a gun as a way of protecting themselves. This makes
many people to acquire guns illegally from the streets even though some
may have a legal gun. This situation makes the society extremely exposed
to insecurity. Hence, there is a great need for gun control in the U.S.
On the other hand, gun control will deny citizens their right to protect
themselves from danger. Controlling guns mean that, there will be
inequality as some citizens will have access to guns while others
cannot. The question is if guns are dangerous, why allow some people to
have them while other cannot. In addition, denying some people the right
to own a gun will place criminals at an advantage as they can
confidently carry out criminal activities without threat from their
unarmed victims.
Guns are also used for hunting. Hunting is a livelihood for some people
and denying them the right to own a gun will mean taking away their
livelihood and freedom.
With the increased crime rate in the country, people have been forced to
take care of their security as they have lost faith with the security
system. It is logic for people to protect themselves in times of
insecurity, hence regulating guns will leave them exposed to insecurity.
Gun control does not mean that the streets will be free of guns black
markets have always been there despite authorities playing tough. Thus
gun control will not have any effect on reducing crime rate in the
In conclusion, gun control is a controversial and a sensitive issue.
This debate continues to surge as supporters and opponents of gun
control continue giving different arguments to justify their opinions.
Supporters of gun control attribute the issue of guns to the increased
insecurity, crime, massacres, homicides, rapes, kidnappings as well as
flourishing of drug syndicates. On the other hand, opponents of gun
control argue that people have the right to own guns in order to protect
themselves, while others need guns for their hunting activities.
Ultimately, I believe that there is need for gun control, not only in
the United States, but in any society.