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Gun control is the regulation of sale and use of firearms. The culture
of the American people as portrayed by Lott (2010) is a gun culture in
the sense that, firearms dominate debates on crime and violence, and are
overwhelmingly in the news as well as in movies. In the year 2009, about
270 million guns were possessed by households of 124 million people in
the United States which is about a quarter of the total number of guns
owned by individuals in the world as stated by Lott (2010). In addition,
there has been a sad shooting past in the country involving students in
schools such as the Columbine High shooting and Virginia Tech shooting
incidences as well as strangers in public places such as Colorado
theatre shooting. These and other gruesome incidents of accidental
shooting, homicide and suicide have raised concern on gun control. The
Obama government is familiar with this problem and the people are
looking forward to see how this issue will be handled. This essay seeks
to support why gun control should be exercised.
Firearms are dangerous to both the owner and the rest of the population.
Gun control seeks to make sure that guns are only possessed by deserving
people only. This group of deserving population includes security
personnel, people executing special and dangerous mission like rescue
mission and also individuals whose safety may be threatened such as
prominent people like the president. In addition, these people must be
of sound mind and able to abide with terms and conditions of owning and
using a gun. For any society or country to experience security, gun
control should be exercised. Guns are attributed to several killings
around the world especially in the United States. In the United States,
several people including the mentally unfit and children are involved in
killing of innocent citizens in homicides, massacres and suicide. The
shooting incidents in schools or in public places can be ascribed to gun
availability. Lenient gun control measures in the U.S have facilitated
accessibility and availability of guns. In his response to the Colorado
theatre shooting incidence, the president of Brady Campaign to Prevent
Gun Violence, Mr. Dan Gross stated that “This tragedy is another grim
reminder that guns are the enablers of mass killers and that our nation
pays an unacceptable price for our failure to keep guns out of the hands
of dangerous people” (Hughes, 2012). Therefore there is great need to
have rigorous gun control measures.
Similarly, lack of gun control result to increased crime in the country.
Guns facilitate criminal activities. For instance the deadly drug
syndicates involve guns meant for protection, control and power in the
black market. Consequently, incidents of robberies, rape and kidnappings
are achieved with guns (Lott, 2010). If there is no control of guns,
there is a likelihood of such crimes escalating, putting the society at
risk. However, criminals may also use licensed guns to execute crime,
which is another reason why gun control policies should be intensified.
In addition, there are several accidents associated with guns, with over
30 people dying annually from accidental shooting from gun owners who
perceive their victims as a threat. This shows how innocent lives are
lost by guns, hence the need to emphasize gun control in the country.
Possession of guns by some individuals in the country has increased
insecurity. People perceive each other as a threat and even children
chose to have a gun as a way of protection from potential threat. This
has led majority of the population to acquire guns illegitimately from
the streets even though they may possess a legal firearm. This context
makes the society extremely vulnerable to insecurity, hence the need for
stringent gun control in the country.
Opponents of gun control argue that citizens have the right to
self-protection argue that individuals are entitled to self-defense in
case they are in danger. The reason why U.S citizens own several guns is
because of the Second Amendment, which states, “A well-regulated
Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of
the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” (Rauch,
2008) This amendment warranties U.S. citizens the right to have
firearms. Martinez (2012) argues that there are millions of laws obeying
citizens who need a firearm for their protection. However, having too
much guns in circulation have only proved hazardous to the population.
Children, undeserving citizens and criminals have easy access to guns as
a result of their availability which has caused serious trouble in the
American society. Some argue that, when citizens are denied the right to
have a gun, they are exposed to danger. This is evident from the
shooting incidents in the country which are all executed on victims in a
public place where guns are not allowed like a theatre or a school
environment (Hughes, 2012). Whereas this is true, it should be noted
that, if there are stringent gun control measures, perpetrators of such
crimes may not easily access guns. This would make the population safe
from crime and murder.
In addition, opponents of gun control believe that gun control will deny
hunters to practice their rights to hunting. This is not true as hunters
can use safer weaponry for hunting such as bows and arrows. These types
of weapons are safe and can help avert the danger that guns pose to the
Conclusively gun control issue is a hot debate in the United States
following recent shooting incidents in the country involving innocent
people. With Obama back in Office, many people are focusing on this
issue considering that he have great interest in the debate. As
established in the essay, gun control benefits outdo the delimitations.
Gun control can help reduce crime such as rape, kidnappings, robbery as
well as reduce black market and consequently help suppress drug
syndicates. In addition, the careless killings, suicide and homicides
executed on innocent people can be reduced if gun control is exercised
intensively. Hunting which has been used largely as an excuse for not
controlling guns alternatively can be done using safer weaponry that can
have minimal effects on the human population such as arrows. Ultimately,
the fewer guns there are in the hands of the population, the safer the
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