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According to customer reviews, Keurig coffee’s quality is better than
Mr. Coffee. Customers have also filed complaints against the standard of
Mr. Coffee’s coffee makers, which break after a short period of time.
Keurig and Mr. Coffee both have varieties, when it comes to flavored
coffee. However, Keurig offers its customers 286 flavors, which are
packaged in the specially designed K-Cups packs. Whereas Mr. Coffee has
limited flavors, some of them are eggnog, coffee honey and lemon-mint
it has flavors for every season but not much variety as compared to
Keurig’s coffee.
Comparing the price of Mr. Coffee and Keurig coffee maker, Mr. Coffee is
less expensive. The coffee maker of Mr. Coffee is not very fancy, but it
gets the basic job done good brewing of the coffee. Keurig’s latest
advertising campaign highlights that it has not realized the importance
of its K-Cup variety instead the campaign focused more on the variety
of coffee pods. The campaign lacks on highlighting the most important
attributes of the coffee. Whereas, Mr Coffee branding strategy revolves
around its constant innovation and categorizing coffee flavors with
respect to season changes. Mr. Coffee also advertises its brand using
humorous notions and insights as to why people drink Mr. Coffee
(Sminkey, 2007).
Customers complain about the customer service of Keurig and are
satisfied with Mr. Coffee. Customers feel that the staff of customer
services of Keurig is unfriendly and cold, whereas staff of Mr. Coffee
is attentive and fast in answering questions.
The competitive advantage that Keurig has is its reusable K-Cups, which
is a good environmental impact and gives a good reputation to the
company. Mr. Coffee’s competitive advantage is its beans, which are
Arabian. Mr. Coffee also uses soya beans, which makes the coffee healthy
and tasty.
Competitive advantage can be used by new businesses entering the coffee
market as they can innovate flavors that these companies have not
launched or, create something different like Keurig’s
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