Data security Synopsis

Data is a crucial component and aspect of everyday life. Data refers to
stored information processed or not. Data is necessary for business
processes, therefore, making data security a priority. The United States
and almost all European countries have made it their business to protect
information. Whether it is corporate information, or personal data,
security of this information cannot be compromised. The problem however,
is that the American constitution does not give a clear guideline on how
this should be done. This essay covers the importance of information
security. It discusses how security of information is maintained as well
as new threats to information such as cyber crime.
Data protection laws puts a limit on some rights such as the right to
information, but the legislations that enhance data security do not
contradict in any way. Such legislation is the children privacy
protection Act it governs the manner in which information where infants
are involved is protected.
Financial information is of material importance, and can be used by
criminals to extort the persons concerned. As such, financial
institutions, such as banks, are tasked with the role of keeping
financial information of their clients safe. The law requires that the
banks should furnish these clients with privacy procedural policies.
These legislations include Gramm Leach Financial Modernization Act, and
the Right to Financial Privacy Act.
Countries today are not engaging in the convention warfare, but battles
are waged and fought, all the same, on new frontiers. This encompasses
cybercrime: though it is an emerging trend it poses greater risk than
people think. Crime has evolved with an evolution in security apparatus,
and criminals are now targeting personal information through which they
further their crime (Gutwirth, et al. 2011). As such, the federal
government has taken the lead role in creating awareness regarding
information privacy on the cyberspace. The Federal Bureau of
Investigation has also launched software that helps track down cyber
criminals. Cybercrime has spread fast because people tend to look at it
leniently compared to traditional crime. In addition, offenders in this
category do not face severity of the law. The government takes data
security seriously and promises that even cyber criminals will have
their day in court all this to protect vital personal information. The
above highlights are further discussed in the main work.
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Gutwirth et al. (2011). Computers, privacy and data protection: An
element of choice. Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Springer.
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