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Computer crime refers to any offense which involves a computer and a network. The computer in this case, may be the one being used to commit the crime or it may be the one in target. This means that the criminal here intends to use the computer in use for the criminal act or use another one to hit on it. Criminal exploitation of the internet is referred to as nectarine. This is an act where criminal activities are performed online and not in a physical manner. Cybercrimes are therefore, actions that are taken against other individuals and are meant to harm them. These actions are performed intentionally and are meant to harm the victim indirectly or direction. Such crimes have been on their increase of late due to the increase in use of technology in the contemporary society.
The sites used in this case, include emails and chat rooms. These are the most popular sites as they are easily accessible online and can be accessed at any time. With the rate of charges, they are not high meaning that many individuals have no problems with it in that they can cater for the expenses. The number of people accessing internet per day is high and not all of them have good intentions whenever they are online. There are those who operate their criminal activities using their mobile phones. This is done especially through the MMS and SMS services. These crimes have adverse effects as they affect the health and financial status of a nation. Matters surrounding cyber criminology have increased and are increasing as the days go by.The activities that are rated as high profile are those that surround child pornography, copyright, child grooming, infringement and cracking. These are the activities that are known to take place online on daily basis and are the ones that widely affect many regions in the world. With this type of offenses, problems such as losing of information occur. It takes place since there are people who are able to hack into other individual`s accounts altering information that is contained therein. This causes a lot of interruption and inconvenience because useful information may be tamperedwith. It thereby means that individuals, whom their information has been tampered with, find it difficult to catch up with their day to day schedule due to interruption.
Cybercrime takes place internationally. This act is in most cases taken by individuals who are non-state actors and those who are in the government. It means that the administration is part of this as there are members of the management who take part. The International Criminal Court is the one responsible for making certain that the actors are held accountable for their deeds so as to ensure that justice is served.
Asubstantive form of investigation has emerged discovering the social changing aspect of computer hacking.However it is only a few individuals whohave considered the configuration of social webs in the hacker society due in measure to the lack of observable information about those people who are known to be active hackers.This research focuses on the hardly studied subject of concealed networks of computer hackers. Thus, this study discovers the social webs of a group of people in Russia who are hackers using openly accessible data to apprehend the nature of social relations and the ways in which they affect information distribution and action. This means the hackers aim at destroying one`s reputation. After the destruction, the friendship and the good relationship that exists from one person to the other and especially close friends is ruined. It is clear that they aim at separating individuals who get along well and have no issuesto make sure that there is no happiness that still exists. The findings prove that there exist a minimal number of extremely skilled hackers in relation to those with some knowledge on computers. In addition, the hackers with practical technical services are centrally located in friendship links and are the center of more attention generally. The impact of these discoveries for our understanding of computer hacking, and viscountlinks generally are taken into consideration in detail(Holt, 2012).
By the beliefs of balanced choice concept, routine deeds theory, overallrestriction theory, social knowledge theory, and discrepancysupport theory, Adrian Ghighina situation is examined to detect causation and inspirations of law breakers that take part in online auction swindles. It is meant to find the reason why these criminals choose to engage in these activities that are against the law and how they perform these actions. After recognizing these reasons and methods used, it is then easier to handle the situation and have the criminals face the law as expected. The outcomes of this studyspecify that the most prosperous prevention approaches will involve multi-planned methods that address the minor and major factors including the communal education in victimization deterrence, increased supervision in the private area, restructuring of traditional ruleimplementation investigation procedures, increased collaboration between domestic and external law implementationsupports, and sensitive public cognizance in the uneasiness and prosecution of virtualoffenders (Conradt, 2012).
Cyber intimidation is defined as planned, violentconduct toward another person that is performed through electronic means. In other words, it is conductaccomplished on the Internet that is envisioned to emotionally and psychologically harm an individual. The contemporarytraining will explore the dissimilarities in female and male cyber intimidationin an apprentice study, precisely in regard to placing gossip online with the intention of hurting other people. The results designate there are like predictors of cyber mistreatment for the genders, as well as exceptional predictors for female and male undergraduates (Marcum, 2012).
Digital piracy entails the copying of numeral goods, software, documents and music and videos without approval from the copyright holder. This can either be a civil or criminal offense in variousnationwide jurisdictions. The purpose of the present work is to scrutinize the connection concerning music piracy and the criminological standards of general strain perception, which have been recognized as modest predictors for a range of individual arrangements of misconduct. Using information from a section of campusapprentice students in the United States, it was found that straining does not affect music piracy directly but that self-control is a significant predictor. This means that the effect was noticed regarding the conduct of the offender and how the individual reacts to such issues.Specifically, behavioral measures of self-control were found to be relevant to the reliant measure. Apart from analyzing the extensibility of the two theories on crime, it is hoped that people will get to understand more about cybercrime through the present day study. This is mean to help reduce the cases of cybercrime. If people get to know more about theoffense, they are able to report them when they come across them to and a place where the offense is being carried out. Passing on information to people will help the administration have an easy task since they will not have extended responsibilities to look for the criminals. Reporting the criminals helps the management locate them easily and this will in turn help in reducing these cases globally (Hinduja, 2012).
Howard talks about the international law. In this case, the discussion bases on the International Criminal Court and the ways in which cases are handled to make sure justice is served. There are different rules and regulations that should be followed when using the internet. These rules are widespread as they are placed locally, nationally and internationally. The individuals who are found to engage in cybercrime activities should be punished according to the law. The laws have been placed to warn people from engaging in such. Those who go against the rules clearly show that cannot follow rules and if left to continue with the same. They will lead to the down fall of the development in many nations. This is why they should be dealt with according to the law. It will in turn help to reduce such crimes as people will try not to get into trouble with the authority(Howard, 1997). It gives a clear impression that rules and regulation are important and that they should be taken seriously for the betterment of the society at large.
Shelley talks about the increase in the number of criminals due to use of technology. In the past days, crime was limited by geographical boundaries. This means that the number of criminals was not large and it was an easy task to get hold of the criminals and punish them according to the law. In the current world, it is hard to locate all the criminals since they have increased in number and use many ways to hide. The use of computers and internet connection in the current world has made criminal activities increase hence pulling down the progress of the economy. Criminals give the administration a responsibility of looking for them where many individuals of the armed forces have to be hired in order to make certain that the criminals are arrested and punished as expected. This in turn means that the managementhas to have enough money in place in order to pay the hired workers. The money that would be used to make the position of the economy betteris used for other purposes. This shows that the proportion in which the economy improves is slowed down due to lack of enough funds (Shelley, 1998).
Bielski points out that there are many things that can be done in order to improve online security. This is because cases of hacking accounts and altering information contained in people`s account have increased. There are cases where people are accused of passing on information meant to harass other through the internet in which they claim not to have done. This simply shows that such incidents occur without the knowledge of the account holder. This shows that there are people who are able to access accounts belonging to other individuals and post wrong information or update issues that would make the account holder to be in trouble. Bielski therefore, advocates that online security be improved to ensure that individuals are not accused of what they have not done(Bielski, 2003).
There are many things to learn from cybercrimes. With these cybercrimes, there are many interesting things that I have gotten to learn. One of them is that one can undertake such for a long period of time without getting into trouble with the authority. It is interesting because the criminals are able to undertake their activities without getting caught easily. It is an added advantage to them. The other interesting is that they can access other people`s accounts without the notice and approval of the owner`s account. The other interesting part is that even after hacking into someone`s account the criminals are always caught and at last face their punishments. Criminals in this case, take risks because they know that at some point they are always caught and punished by the law. It is expected of them to stop this behavior but it is surprising that the number of criminals always increases. Cybercrime is undertaken internationally and the number of officers assigned to deal with this issue is large. The interesting part here is that even with the large number of officers assigned, it is still difficult to trace the criminals because they are known to increase in number.That there are some tactics put into practice by the criminals so that they are not caught by the law. At this point it is funny in that criminals are able to defeat the management and make them seem powerful than the administration itself.
The facts that I would like to learn about cybercrime, are the technology used to track and find them. I would also like to find out the kind of punishment that is administered to them. There are many issues attached to the cybercrime process that the criminals only know about. This is why at times it is difficult to track them at times. The technological techniques they apply in order to make certain that they are traced. These are some of the facts that I would also like to learn to see how the modern technology is extensively used in many fields.
In conclusion, there are many things about cybercrime that are secretive. This is because it is an act that is performed with the knowledge of the individuals taking part mostly. This gives a clear impression that it is illegal and the fact that it is dome internationally means that the cybercrime cases are many. This gives a clear impression that it is not easy to handle the situation together with the criminals in this act. The main point in this paper is top reveal how cybercrime is widespread. The discussion in the paper is also meant to show how hard it is to deal with these criminal acts as it is secretive and the people who take part in it are not easy to locate. This means the number of crimes increases meaning the criminals are in a way stronger than the administration.
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