Price Discrimination and Social Welfare

Price Discrimination: Theory, Welfare Implications, and Empirical EvidenceExecutive This thesis was initiated with a purpose to find whether price discrimination influences social welfare and if so to what extent. In furtherance to the theoretical knowledge gained in the related area the research furthered to adapt two cases i.e. airline industry and UK package holidays. The …

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Tea in the Tang Dynasty

InstituteTea in the Tang DynastyThe most popular and oldest beverage in the world is Tea. In today`s world after water, tea is considered to be the most preferred beverage. One of the important feature in Chinese culture since long time has been Tea drinking. It is being told and notified that Tea is one of …

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According to Huang (2002) leadership is defined as: “the influence that particular individuals (leaders) exert upon the goal achievement of others (subordinates) in an organizational context” (p.511). However one has to understand that leadership success to a larger extent mostly depends on the situation and the environment where it is appliedLeadership style during period of …

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