Artwork letter The Chairman,

Arts Acquisition Committee
XYM Corporation
The President,
XYM Corporation
Dear Sir,
As the Chair of the Arts Acquisition Committee, I would like to notify you that the committee has finally settled on a piece of artwork for the new corporate headquarters. The committee settled on a custom made life-size two meters-high bronze statue of the corporation`s founding president with an accompanying bronze pedestal. Valued at $80 000, the piece of work is a made by a famous artist highly specialized in working with bronze statues client`s specifications. The committee believes the artist is best suited to deliver as he has also produced custom-made statues for other large corporate clients such as Sun Microsystems and Orland magic.
The mere size of the statue makes it imposing and conspicuous from far, a key aspiration for the corporation. The statue`s pedestal will carry a plaque emblazoned with the name of the corporation and that of the founding president and also the corporation`s vision. This will serve to remind all people, visitors, and employees alike of the corporation`s role in the society and its history and future aspirations.
In terms of pricing, the artwork is one of the most highly priced in the market but worth the money. For one, the artist is highly skilled in his field of work and the work expected is worth the price as the committee verified through some of the artists complete works and ongoing ones at his studio. Secondly, compared to other pieces of work in this category in the market shows that the price of the particular piece is on the high end but not over priced. Thirdly, custom-made pieces of work usually fetch around $20000-5000 more than ready made. Fourthly, the status is made from pure bronze which though is hard to work with is very long lasting.
The committee thus assures you that the choice of this piece of work was made with the interests of the organization at heart. The Committee thus awaits your approval for the final payment to be made.
Yours sincerely,
Committee Chairman