Armed Teachers

The current insecurity in schools, has led to calls to have school
teachers equipped with defense materials such as guns. This has come in
the wake of incidences of attacks in many schools most recently the
Sandy Hook School (Merchant n.p). There have been proposals for teachers
to be armed with guns so that they are able to respond to the attacks
that have been targeting schools. The case scenario painted for this has
been that, when an insane person who is armed with a gun attacks a
school, then the teacher should be in a position to protect the children
as well as himself (Lott 56).
This idea of an armed teacher has been received with mixed reactions.
For most parents this is a welcome idea since all they want is the
safety of their children. However there is the fact that not every day
does these events happen. It only happens in a few isolated cases. There
is also the question of the safety of the gun in these times when it is
not in use. This means that the teacher will have to take care on where
the gun is kept. Otherwise, the very gun that was set to protect
children may end up harming them if it ends up in the wrong hands
(United States Code 20).
Children are naturally curious. There is therefore a natural curiosity
in where the gun is kept and how it is used. There is therefore the
issue of the safety of these curious children who might even decide to
access it without the knowledge of the teacher. This is because for most
children anything that is forbidden is usually what they are curious of
most of the time. If the children decide to act on their curiosity then
there is a problem. If this were to happen then there will be a problem
that is created in the search for a solution to another problem.
The problem here is that if the basic safety of people is based on
issues that are just hypothetical then people tend to only focus on
them. This means that in the event of something that is not harmful for
instance if a harmless stranger comes to a school, then he might be shot
by the teacher thinking that this is a killer (Kos and Stiefelhagen
127). This means that the decision to base the decision on these
hypothetical cases has endangered instead of protecting lives.
The damage that could take place in a school as a result of an attack by
an armed irrational person is quite terrifying. However, the image
created in people’s mind and the ones that are embedded in the
consciousness of most people is misconceived. Therefore this fear needs
to be dealt with before issuing of guns to teachers because it can cause
more harm than good.
On the contrary it is evident that insecurity is a worrying issue in our
schools right from elementary, secondary up to higher educational
facilities. Several laws and measures have in the past been put to place
to try and curb this situation but the problem just doesn’t seem to go
away. There is the tabling of house bill 70 that does not only allow
school staff to own firearms and carry them to school. It also removes
the initial requirement of only possessing firearms on school property
only with permission from the particular school board and instead gives
the teachers and school staff the leeway to be in possession of the arms
at will (Bowman and Earney 30).
The move to have armed teachers to ensure the safety of school children,
college student and school staff is a major boost because with
sufficient training from professionals which has been suggested to take
part several states, it can be realized (Alison 186). Teachers will
eventually be able to save the innocent lives of children and youth lost
during these horrendous attacks as well as school property when push
comes to shove. However, this cannot be assured if there is no adequate
training undertaken on firearm usage and it would probably be a risky
probably leading to more deaths and destruction of property.
In conclusion, it is important to look at the issue critically because
the subject matter at hand in this scenario is one possession of
firearm. Be it the one that is being used by the antagonist or the
criminal or that which is to be used by the teacher in a bid to save
life and property. One common factor that stands constant is that they
both have weapons which are a threat to the lives of those they approach
and interact with. When the attacks occur, it is always a matter of
adrenaline rush and everything happens so fast in that when a gunman
enters a classroom before the teacher realizes on how to react to the
situation the criminal will probably have executed his intentions.
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