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1.0 Statement of Purpose 2
2.0 Target Auidence and Product sale 4
3.0 Conclusions 5
4.0 References 6
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Figure 1: Top-8 Global Mobile Operating Systems 3
Figure 2: Top-8 Global Mobile OS Market Share (May 2011 to May 2012) 4
1.0 Statement of Purpose
The technological advancements in mobile operating systems (OS) have created a virtual world for the young and old alike. This paper furthers to inform the student of XX institute one such OS, `Android 2.0` the advanced version from Android. The reason being that in May 2012 Android, beating its nearest rivals SymbianOS (Nokia) and iOS (Apple) to become the global leader in mobile operating systems with 23.81% of global market share (figure-1).
Figure 1: Top-8 Global Mobile Operating Systems
Android is globally known to meet most of the Y-generations` anticipations, especially the student community. It also provides the innovative technical students to upload the applications designed by them. This resulted in addition of thousands applications added every day. When the world is after it why shouldn`t be you be a part of it? Just take a few minutes to read what makes Android 2.0 the market leader and decide upon to be a part of it.
TARGET AUIDENCE and Product sale
All of my fellow classmates have one or the other kind of smart phones. Every day we discuss about the latest mobile applications such as games, etc. Among them are a few who have the knowledge of developing mobile applications and some having the aesthetic sense to provide an idea of the kind of application that would draw the attention of the fellow generation.
To make my friends buy the intended product initially I would be collecting the data that informs me of the OS they are using. This will give me an opportunity to develop a statistics to inform them of the advantages of switching over to Android 2.0. Having done up I will send an SMS to all of them informing them that Android is now the world`s top OS and left behind Nokia`s SymbianOS and Apple`s iOS. The next day, I will carry a chart informing the market leadership of the world`s top-8 OS and invite a discussion on it (Table-1).
Figure 2: Top-8 Global Mobile OS Market Share (May 2011 to May 2012)
The two figures indicated in this paper are anticipated to inform my friends why they can opt for Android. However, apart from the above I would provide them the following information to keep them updated of the product:
1. Android 2.0 makes SMS/MMS search easier than any other OS. and a handful of calendar improvements into the OS. The feature `Quick Contact` simplifies communication creating a bar menu with exemplary icons also shows the communication mode of the contacts`.
2. To facilitate the developers, Android 2.0 platforms provide a downloadable `Software Development Kit` (SDK). The SDK includes a complete set of debugging and development tools.
3. All in one it is now the world`s number one OS.
To make a visual presentation describing Android, I would make a flash presentation highlighting the features that would inform my friends why Android has captured the market share beating all of its rivals in the market and is still going strong.
2.0 Conclusions
The conclusions of my presentation will invite a discussion among my friends to compare and contrast the OS they are using and the one that I am promoting. This will not only give them an idea of what they are lacking behind but will also help me to further know more about the product from my future promotional campaigns.
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