“Hawaii” is a book written by John Chambers and it explores the Hawaii in historical perspectives. United States formally annexed Hawaii in 1898 in order to extend its territory towards the Pacific. The annexation of Hawaii is an important event in the history of the United States since it ensured that U.S. territory extended further towards the Pacific, and strengthened it even further. The scheme to annex the Hawaiian Islands was formulated in 1897 by President Benjamin Harrison and submitted to the senate for it to be ratified. However, the senate declined to ratify it with only 46 senators in favor, therefore falling short of the two-thirds majority. The author reveals many attempts by the U.S. to take control of Hawaiian Islands.
The author portrays Hawaii as a fertile land producing sugarcane and potatoes which were at some point in time were transported to California during the California gold rush (Chambers, 2006). He states that annexation was mostly forced by the sugar barons who intended to protect their sugar economy by forcing the annexation bill through the legislature. However, it was not to be until the election of President William McKinley when the efforts to annex Hawaii were renewed. The capture of Philippines during the Spanish-American war of 1898 paved way for annexation of Hawaii Islands since it became a strategic site en route (Chambers, 2006). The role changed where the opponents of annexation became the minority. The speaker obstructed annexation for six weeks, but finally annexation was approved by the Congress which voted in favor of annexation with 209 votes to 91 votes, and the Senate voting 42 to 21 (Chambers, 2006).
The author gives account for a series of events which finally led to annexation of Hawaii Islands by the United States. His accounts of the annexation are very convincing that annexation would benefit the Hawaiian natives who were incorporated in the United States of America, thus making Hawaii the 50[th] state of the United States.
Chambers, J (2006). Hawaii: On the Road Histories. Massachusetts: Interlink Publishing.