A Jew among the Germans

For the short time that the motion picture industry has been around it
has produced variety of films ranging from creative ineptitude to a
brand of cinematic excellence. These films have left a mark to the
viewers, a memory of how good there were or how bad there were and often
only a few make it to been classified as classics. A classic movie is
one that is able to withstand the test of time, touches on universal
issue, the picture quality, and sound are excellent and of quality. A
Jew among Germans is one of such classic movies directed Marian
Marzynski the movie is based on the aftermaths of the holocaust in
“A Jew among Germans” movie tells the story of holocaust survival
named Marian Marzynski who returns to Germany with an aim of finding out
the willingness of the Germans to build a memorial in memory of the six
million Jews who died during the holocaust. The movie is set during a
time of bitter bureaucratic and political wrangling brought about by the
unveiling of a holocaust memorial in Germany on May 10, 2005.
The film describes how Marzynski returns to Germany after the
announcement by the Germany’s government on a plan to build a Memorial
for the murdered Jews. Marzynski intentions are to feel safe among the
Germans, something that his dead relatives could not achieve while they
were alive. The actor encounter different people in his visit with
different opinions about the holocaust, but what is common to most of
them is the guilt and the question of whether they are also responsible
for their parents and grandparent actions. The director of this movie
uses the current issues affecting the third generation in Germany on the
effects of the holocaust.
The movie is a documentary narrated by Marzynski the documentary kicks
off with the sound of rolling train indicating the start of a journey in
search of certain answers. The eerie music playing on the background
indicates the intensity of the issue at hand. The narrator (Marzynski)
is a Jew who escaped Germany during the holocaust at a tender age but
has returned now as an old man.
Marzynski has ingeniously expressed his theme in “A Jew among the
Germans” by bringing different expert together such as the artist who
won in the competition of the design, also the architecture responsible
for designing the monument to come up with a believable story that is
informative. In addition, he uses himself “narrator “as the symbol
of hope for the Jews survivors (Bellour & Penley, 2000). He serves to
bring out the movie theme of courage and determination he returns to
Germany despite his indifference to the Germans. He interacts freely
with the Germans, “the people responsible for his loss” sharing
As the movie ends there is a ray of hope that maybe with the right
efforts been concentrated towards healing the holocaust wounds there is
hope for the Germans future generation. A hope that they will no longer
have to carry the guilty burden of their parent crime against the Jews,
thus, the movie presents a realistic and believable current situation in
Germany today.
Mr. Marzynski the movie director can be criticized for concentrating the
movie on indoors and lengthy discussions. He rather would have focused
more on the outdoors background and added some acting to make it more
interesting. Nevertheless, the use of irony in this movie makes it hard
to deny classifying these movie as a classic. It is ironical for the
Germans third Generation to refuse to take blame for their fathers and
grandfather actions and at the same time advocate for building a
The relevance of this movie is to portray the terror of the holocaust
and the aftermath. People all over the world are interested in finding
out the Germans feeling on the shameful inhuman acts of their fathers
and grandfathers. This movie is able to answer this question the
narrator admits that during his visit he discovered that in the twenty
first century it has not been easy to be a German. The Germany
government has tirelessly tried to make up for this by compensating the
survivals and have plans of building monuments outside their parliament.
One of the themes brought out in this movie is the theme of repentance
and forgiveness. Repentance by the Germans whereby they are building a
memorial to show the Jews and the worlds that they are sorry such an act
occurred. For Jews to forgive the Germans, according to the narrator
the Germans need first to be educated on what really happened. Only this
way will the young generation learn about the holocaust and prevent it
In conclusion, I believe that “A Jew among the Germans” is an
exemption movie, which everyone ought to see it brings together
technical element and a solid plot to make it very interesting. The
movie not only evokes sad emotions on the views but also provide them
with a brief historical account of what happened during the Nazi regime.
The cinematography of this movie is revolutionary and even though it is
addressing historical issue that continues to influence the lives of
both the Germans and the Jews it keeps the viewers glued on their seats.
Bellour, R., & Penley, C. (2000). The analysis of film. Bloomington
[u.a.: Indiana Univ. Press.